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The Morning of the Marraige

The morning of the marraige involves doing the "mandap moohorat" which is laying the foundation for the marraige and praying to Ganesha for help with any troubles in life and marraige and for the auspicious day to pass with any troubles. This is followed by rubbing of a turmeric (haldi) based paste by the sisters, aunts and bhabhis (wives of cousins) for what I think is supposed to improve the grooms looks?? (not that i needed it.. ;-)
This was held at my house.

Sitting next to my dad and tikka by sister.
The first thing in the morning is to put a tikka on the centre of the forehead by my sister.

This is the picture of my mom and an aunt rubbing the turmeric paste on me.

Here is my mom and aunt rubbing the turmeric paste on me

Praying (As they say you will need a lot of those after marraige :-)

Morning contd (Page 2)

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